About us


World Records University (WRU) is an Autonomous University

World Records University is an autonomous university formed by the conglomeration of Record Books throughout the World. Its associates include Asia Book of Records, Vietnam Book of Records, Indo-China Book of Records, India Book of Records, Nepal Book of Records and International Council of Holistic Health. World Records University is working towards adding more associates like Thailand Book of Records and Sword Swallowers Association International USA.

World Records University is the only university offering an honorary Doctorate  to Record Holder’s / breaker’s Community.The degree is awarded to those who have demonstrated an Honoris Causa, or cause to be honored. This program is offered only to a select group of highly accomplished individuals specially who have made a world or a national record.

Who Can Apply :

World Records University acknowledges the following Record Books.

  •  Guinness World Records
  •  Limca Book of World Records
  •  Asia Book of Records
  •  India Book of Records
  •  Vietnam Book of Records
  •  Thailand Book of Records
  •  Russia book of records
  • TamilNadu Book of Records
  • IndoChina Book of Records

How Do We Work

Any Individual who is holding a record and his name features in any of these record books signifies that he has achieved an excellence in a particular field. This achievement was made possible by identifying and inventing a unique strategy and method to achieve that goal. If an individual is able to document that method /strategy to achieve that particular goal/accomplishment/excellence, he will be conferred an honorary doctorate. Believing that this documentation is made available to the public at large so that they will be able to duplicate the same  or higher level of excellence.


Steps to claim your Honorary Doctorate Degree in record breaking:

Step-1  Submit doctorate application form (DAF) with a copy of National/World Record Certificate.

Step-2  A guide will be appointed to you on the basis of DAF submitted by you.

Write thesis on the basis of the format provided by World Records University.

Step-3  Submit your Thesis

Step-4  World Records University will examine the originality of your thesis and on review by the panel of experts of World Records University, World Records University will confer you with honorary doctorate degree.

Step-5  Your thesis will be published in World Records University’s annual publication

*For one Record Category only one doctorate degree will be conferred unless it is achieved by a different technique than the degree holder.

** Other Doctorate Degree Program offered by World Records University

Doctorate in Nature Science and Medicine



You get to use  Dr. before your name and get recognition on the basis of your achievements.


The time has arrived to achieve something greater and fulfilling besides being a record holder.

Be a pioneer in the  Record Breakers Community to get an Honorary Doctorate in your field of achievement and rise above the others in your community