Respectfully addressed to: Community of Record Holders and

Leaders of Record Organizations of World.


 Headquarter office of World Records University is in UK and its Asia office is in India, American office in USA. This is an organization bringing together Record organizations / Booksof many countries in the world, such as: Asia book of Records, Viet Nam Book of Records, India book of Records, Nepal Book of Records, World Health Community, Indo-China Book of Records, World Creativity Science Academy, World Records union etc.

World Records University is not an academic university that trains student in other areas but it is like a Synthesis Research Institute specialized in searching records and making/breaking record, promoting content value of community of Record holders throughout the world. World Records University is supported for infrastructure, finance and special cooperation with database sources of Records from local and foreign Record Organizations.

World Record University is founded with the view to establish a new model of organization, so the operation management must be very focusing, with members of the Management Board being leaders of local and foreign Record organizations. There is a scientific council of experts, professionals who understand the record content value, and leading academics from UK, India and from Record Organization of countries. We will continue to research and develop the achievements of Record holders in all over the world in different value's aspects. World Records University  determines that there is no University in the world which can train Record Holders, especially with Record Holders creating content values of record.

Because of this, World Records University only receives, considers, evaluates documents which contain high content value, have a positive impact to community of Record Holders in domestic and foreign countries all over the world.

World Record University is the only University offering an Honorary Doctorate Degree to Record Holders, maker's of National Record or World Record.World Record University  honors and thanks record holders for their contributions for society and community. Any individual person is holding a Record and his name features in Record Book, signifies that he has archived an excellence in a particular field. Each record established with respect to content is considered as the Project or the Work which was conceived, established, built during the lifetime of Record Holders. World Records University spares 3 months for Record Holders – this time is not to "train" them to become doctorate holders but it is the time for Record Holders to write and list all efforts information, in order to introduce the process of making the Record.

If Individual can prove that his/her method, his/her manner, his/her plan to make Record, to create outstanding success, contributing to development of community, this person can be awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree. World Records University awards Honorary Doctorate Degree to Record Holders, which recognizes lifetime efforts of Record Holders who create content value of record (it is not measured like other academy University).

World Records University is different from Guinness World Records Associate. World Records University only seeks and identifies – records made by Record Holders with content value, serving community.

There are 9 categories of content value Records, including:

  1. Content's Record having value in History
  2. Content's Record having value in Education
  3. Content's Record having value in the Arts
  4. Content's Record having value in Ethic and Humanity
  5. Content's Record having value in sustainable development
  6. Content's Record having value in Documentation and Storage
  7. Content's Record having value in Promoting Image of Country
  8. Content's Record having value in Creation for Community.

Our goal is to evaluate contents, so the Fee is collected only for World Records University's application form of Honoring Record's Value including appraisal by the  Expert Council, reading and assessing of 200-300 pages, and some other administrative fee. Cost for regular activity of World Records University is paid by the Founder Council.

World Records Univer's activities are not only for the purpose to establish value of content, but also continue to promote investment and connectivity, support development topics including to supply free software to management of data, provide searching method, create and develop value of contents to create opportunities for Record Holders to serve widely the community domestic as well as international. At the same time, we introduce content value to partners, investors, exploiting units depending on the content value that they created and owned.

World Records University believes that this organization  helps to build community to bring true values to life, to promote and exploit creativity, to continue reinvestment in new value of content for future, bring property value to Record Holders, financial generation from the creation of Record Holders to countries over the world.

We would like to introduce new principles and purposes of the establishment, and operations of World Records University for generations to come. These new values and new operational model is still in its infancy but  an essential need. Therefore the support and cooperation of Leaders of Record Organizations  throughout the world is necessary for our operation and development, to realize the dream of connecting and serving record communities in the world.

We sincerely thank for attention, cooperation of Record Organizations and community of Record Holders.

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