1.  What is the essence of World Records University.

World Records University is a novel concept of bringing record holders from all across the globe on one platform. Until now Record Holders were not known outside their own region or territory. World Records University brings together record holders from all over the world to  exchange knowledge and expertise in their field of achievement. World Records University has its registered offices in U.K , India, Vietnam and U.S.A.

2. What is  the main objective of World Records University.

Any Individual who is holding a record and his name features in any of the record books signifies that he has achieved an excellence in a particular field. This achievement is made possible by identifying and inventing a unique strategy and method to achieve that goal. If an individual is able to document that method /strategy to achieve that particular goal/accomplishment/excellence, he will be conferred with an honorary doctorate believing that this documentation is made available to the public at large so that they will be able to duplicate the same  or higher level of excellence.

3.How is the honorary doctorate conferred?

Honorary Doctorate is conferred as “Honoris Causa” i.e “a cause  to be honored”. It is strictly based on the achievement and accomplishment of an individual duly certified by a record book. It is  not based on academic or research related work.

4. What is the procedure to apply for honorary  doctorate.

World Records University acknowledges record holders feats and invites them to  submit thesis of their record. The thesis undergoes scrutiny by a panel of experts. If these experts approve the thesis, it is accepted and record holder is conferred with an Honorary Doctorate. After receiving the honorary doctorate the record holders can prefix Dr. before their name.

5. Who all can apply for an honorary doctorate.

Any world/national record holder certified by a record book can apply for an honorary doctorate.

6. What is the criteria for selection of record holders for honorary  doctorate.

Record holders  need to apply for honorary doctorate on a prescribed application form or online form along with a copy  of their record certificate. The application form undergoes preliminary scanning and shortlisting. If the record is shortlisted the record holders are prompted to submit the thesis based  on their record.

7. How to write a thesis. What are the guidelines to be followed for writing a thesis.

After a record is shortlisted for submitting thesis, World Records University provides a format of the thesis to the shortlisted record holders. On the basis of this format a record holder formulates/writes his/her own thesis.

8. What if a record holder faces a problem in writing the thesis or misses some information.

Prior to submitting final thesis ,a record holder first sends a soft copy of the thesis through email.  A feedback is provided on the thesis. Based on this  feedback a record holder makes appropriate changes in the thesis and submits the Final Thesis in soft and hard form.

9. What next after submitting thesis.

After the final thesis is submitted, it goes for approval by a panel of experts and is then accepted by World Records University. Once accepted, honorary doctorate is conferred on record holder in a formal convocation.

10. Where is convocation ceremony held.

Convocation ceremony is held either in India  or outside India in any of the member record book country like Vietnam  etc.

11. What if the record holder cannot attend the convocation  ceremony outside  India.

If a record holder is unable to attend the convocation held outside India, he/she can attend the convocation held in India in the consecutive convocation ceremony.

12. What if a record holder is not able to attend the convocation ceremony both in India or outside India.

We insist a record holder to attend the formal convocation but if due to  some unavoidable circumstances a record holder  is not able to  attend the convocation  the degree can  be dispatched through courier or postal  mail.

13 How to contact you.

You can get in touch with us through email: [email protected] or through contact number 09555008451.

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