Step 1: Submit the Online Application Form along with a scanned copy of your record certificate to [email protected]

Step 2: Your Application will undergo preliminary scanning for approval.

Step 3: After approval /acceptance of the application, you will be required to deposit the processing  fee of INR 50,000  (Registration fee+ Preliminary scanning/approval fee+ Expert consultation fee+ Thesis examination fee+ GST)

Step 4: Prepare a thesis of your record-breaking journey in accordance with the format of WorldRecords University (to be sent to you).

Step 5: Submit the soft copy of the draft thesis to [email protected].

Step 6: World Record University will scrutinize and provide feedback on your thesis.

Step 7: After making changes as suggested in feedback, you will submit a Hard copy of the Thesis. An expert panel will accept and approve the thesis. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email of your Grand Masters in Record-Breaking.

Step 8:- Certification- Kit (certificate, medal, etc) conferring  Grand Masters in Records Breaking will be dispatched through courier.

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