Honorary Doctorate in Nature Science and Medicine is an 18 months program in three phases involving dual certification from Harvard University and World Records University.
Phase 1: Includes certification from Harvard University USA.
Phase 2: Includes certification from World Records University UK.
After Phase 2, the candidate becomes entitled to pursue his/her own counseling/clinic.
{On the basis of the counseling done by you, you will then have to submit a thesis wherein you will document at least 5  successfully cured patients. All the documents of the five patients should be attached (before the counseling, during the counseling and after the counseling)}.

Phase 3: Honorary Doctorate conferred upon submitting a research paper on curing /counseling patients through Nature Science and medicine.

The subject matter is based on content developed from Cornell University USA and Mint Culinary School Vietnam.

The study material, assignments, and tests are provided through email. The entire process is online.



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